Midfielder’s passion ignites team


Will Nacouzi/The Skyline View

Alfaro (#11) on the defensive against Modesto Junior College’s Tyler Fenton.

Away from the soccer field, Hazel Alfaro displays a warm smile and an easy-going disposition. But should you find yourself on a team playing against hers, prepare for a battle.

“I am very competitive,” Alfaro said. “I have the fight and the will to win a game and will do whatever it takes to win for my team.”

As a center midfielder on the Skyline College women’s soccer team, this will be Alfaro’s third year in the soccer program and second year playing.

“Hazel is very technically gifted as a player and she has been playing the game at a high level for a long time,” Coach Kevin Corsiglia said. “Very confident and makes good decisions on the ball.”

Alfaro gives credit to her mom and coach, Daniel Link who have been her biggest inspirations and role models through out her nine years of playing.

“My mom has taught me to always be confident, persevere and never give up no matter the circumstances, and Coach Daniel has definitely helped shape the player I am today,” Alfaro said. “Playing for him on the San Francisco Revolution Club team taught me a lot of technique and concepts and helped me to make a smooth transition into playing college soccer for coach Kevin.”

Some of Alfaro’s proudest moments have been her many assists for the Skyline women’s soccer team, as well being a strong force on the defense. Last year, she was named Second Team All League in conference. As a freshman on the team, it was an impressive award to achieve.

“Soccer is the only thing that gets my heart racing really fast,” she said.

When asked to describe her teammate, Iliana Cabral was quick to respond.

“Hazel is a very humble, creative and skillful player,” Cabral said. “She likes to open up and do a lot of great footwork to create an open area for everybody on the team. She is not afraid to go into pressure and take the ball away from the other team.”

It is with this kind of determination that Alfaro plans on working hard to become a strong team leader this season which, according to her fellow teammate, Janet Sanchez, is a quality Alfaro already possesses.

“Hazel is a great leader,” Sanchez said. “She knows exactly what she is doing on and off the field and would make an excellent team captain. We don’t have one right now, but if I were to choose I would definitely pick her.”

Regardless of how much praise her teammates have for her, Alfaro emphasized how much of a team effort the game really is.

“Soccer is so much more than just about me individually,” Alfaro said. “It is all about being a team player. It is about coming together and really giving your all. It requires a positive mind-set and a lot of hard work put into practice. You can never give up, no matter how hard it may seem, because if you give up as a player then your teammates will give up as well.”

With great assurance and confidence in his voice, Coach Link confirmed Alfaro’s talent.

“She is certainly a team player who is always looking to make her teammates better and not necessarily herself,” Link said. “She has good camaraderie with her teammates.”

Alfaro is hoping to continue her soccer career outside of Skyline. Whether it will be playing recreational soccer or at a four year college, her main goals right now are to stay focused, determined, and to put in the hard work necessary for a great season.