The Trojans make the Rams work for the win

Sahara Clay middle blocker and outside hitter of Skyline team spikes the ball in heated match.

Will Nacouzi/The Skyline View

Sahara Clay middle blocker and outside hitter of Skyline team spikes the ball in heated match.

On the night of Nov.4, Skyline’s volleyball team faced the Gavilan College Rams here on campus for their second last home game of the season in the Coast Conference South Division.

The night proved to be a hard won fight for Gavilan College, especially during the last two sets of the game. The Trojans fought until the end, forcing the Rams to work hard in order to seal the win for the night.

“I think we did pretty well for losing three of our main players to injuries, we fought hard” freshmen Kim Tang said, after the game in an interview referring to the display of energy that the Trojans showed in the last two sets of the night..

During the first two set of the games, the Rams took the lead.

This was best seen in the second set of the game, with the Rams in the lead comfortably however the Trojans kept up the pressure on the Rams throughout the set until the very end when they finally had the set firmly in hand.

It was during the third set of the game that the Rams ran into trouble. The Trojans stepped up and started the game with energy that saw them take the lead throughout the set and forced the Rams to play catch up. However, nothing the Rams had during the set was enough to overcome the energy displayed by the Trojans.

In the last set of the night, the Trojans took the lead immediately however they quickly surrounded it to the Rams but it didn’t stop them from fighting, as by midway through the set the Trojans and the Rams reminded equal with both sides scoring one after the other. It stayed this way until the Trojans managed to break the pattern but it didn’t last long as the Rams took the lead even then, the Trojans didn’t give up as they fought until they were dead equal with the Rams at 24-24 with only one more point for either side to win the set.

“Three of our sophomore are down with season ending the freshmen have to step up and I think that they did. You know they come back, played well…” Volleyball head coach Rayannah Salahuddin said, “It’s a good thing, you know, it’s the end of the season and it’s making sure that our healthy sophomores are getting good games to be recruited and our freshmen are getting good reps in for next year.”

Despite losing the game, she was happy that the freshmen were able to step up and stay in the fight until the very end making the Rams work for it.

“The score was really close, it’s just like whoever makes the mistake first is going to lose the game so it was really tense and everyone was really nervous, no one wanted to mass up” Kim Tang said, “We just played hard as a team, hopefully we can do better next time.”