Trojans lose close game against Las Positas Hawks

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Recovering from a loss, the Skyline Trojans were off to a rough start in Wednesday night’s volleyball game against Las Positas. In the first set, the rival Hawks began with a five to three lead with solid spike and serves from Las Positas player Sondra Montague; the Las Positas Hawks went on to win the match three sets to two.

The Trojans were lacking team spirit on the court and communication was at a low point once they realized they were up against an undefeated team.

Five rounds of Las Positas serves were left untouched by Skyline. A lack of focus was noticed by the second set and the Trojans began to pick it back up. Skyline player, Makaena Gee, who has been playing volleyball for six years, was the strongest server Wednesday night for the Trojans.

“Our energy needs to be up,” said Gee. “But we have worked really hard to have better communication on the court.”

After halftime, Skyline was left on a losing streak even though spike from Las Positas’ spikes were getting weaker. Finally, Skyline improved their communication and even with Las Positas winning the third set 26-24, the Trojans didn’t quit.

At this point, during the fourth set, the momentum was bouncing back and forth from each team.

When the fifth set started, communication was lost on the Skyline team once again, and Las Positas picked up their game and continued on their streak. Kills were missed and efforts to get the ball in the air were low. Las Positas player, Montague, served fast balls that were just missed by Skyline.

Hawks player Sadie Eldredge, mentioned the determination that comes from their team. “We’ve really worked on clicking more as a team. A few weeks ago we were just strangers so now that we know how to play together, it works.”

Eldredge was delivering strong passes and served reliably that night and helped in the foundation of their win.

“We are undefeated right now, but still I’d say we just need to keep on bringing our best to each game,” said Eldredge.

In the last set, Skyline lost 15-9. Both teams displayed proper sportsmanship and respected each other on the court, but the loss was rough. By this point in the game, the fans could see from the stands that the audience had lost faith in the Trojans. There were quick serves from each side but Skyline just wasn’t quick enough to get to the Hawks’ serves.

Different plays would help the Skyline team, but communication was lost during the second set.

“We need to run different plays,” Gee said. “So we don’t seem as predictable to the opposing team.”

With this game in mind, the Skyline Trojans have a lot on their plate to work on. Each team has goals to strive for, and the Skyline Trojans are no exception.