Jason Collins: First active athlete to come out

Just a few days ago the center for the Washington Wizards, Jason Collins, has come out and stated he’s gay. He’s the first active player to do so in major American sports, and will soon be a free agent this July.

I can only imagine what has and continues to run through Collins’ mind as of now. I’d have to say that he’s got to be ready to take it all in, the positive and negative comments, the threats, and whatever else is thrown at him. Because he’s going to be a free agent, I assume that this could be both a good and bad timing for him to come out.

Optimistically, Collins can be an inspiration for other athletes to come out and no longer hide the truth. On the other hand, there could still be a sense of homophobia in leagues, which could have negative impacts on Collins, and then give reason as to why other players should not follow in Collins’ footsteps.

The support for Collins has been spectacular, coming from multiple sources, including those from sports and politics. Golden State Warriors President Rick Welts who announced he was gay two years ago said, “I’m happy for him, because he’s going to be able to be the complete Jason Collins every day for the rest of his life.”

All Collins wants to do is be himself, literally and I think everyone should give him the chance, despite those that will come after him.