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Trojan Chat: Art Fodor

Player Profile:

Height: 6’6″

High School: Hillsdale

Major: Undecided

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Hometown: Paris, France

Average: 17.3 ppg (3rd in division)

Michael Hall: You have a unique background as a foreign athlete and you’ve been outstanding thus far. You seem very natural for the power forward position. When did you start playing basketball?

Art Fodor: I started playing in 8th grade.

MH: Collectively, the team seems disciplined with not making a lot of turnovers. But would you say Justin Piergrossi is the strictest coach you have played for?

AF: Coach P. is a great coach, [he] shows us what it takes to become great players, and teaches us how to work hard. Not only on the court, but in life.

MH: You guys have had a lot of high scoring games so far. Who have you seen step up the most?

AF: I’ve seen Alli Austria step up the most this year because he really passes the ball well and has been getting tons of assists. We’ve been having high scoring games because we try to get as many possessions as we can. We push the ball a lot.

MH: Coach Piergrossi told me about how he needs to see more consistency out of this team, and he thinks the team needs to have the necessary focus on a daily basis to win games. What is the team’s role in changing that?

AF: We have the pieces we need to win a lot of games this year. We just need to put them together. We have a lot of returning sophomores who provide a lot of skills.

MH: According to the coaching system, a player has to be fast and in good shape in this fast paced offense. He believes you need to set a high standard for yourself and everything about you is unique. But what personal goals have you set for yourself this season?

AF: My personal goal this season is to fulfill my job in doing whatever it takes to help my team win. Rebounding comes first.

MH: Coach Piergrossi could not com­pare you to an NBA or NCAA player because he says he doesn’t have enough time to watch basketball during the season. Hopefully we will see you at the next level soon, but you’re certainly on the right path to play at the next level. Thanks for your time, Art!

AF: Thanks.

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