Taking it “One Day at a Time”

Netflix’s “One Day at a Time” talks about many important and current topics without losing its comedic lightness in its recent release of the third season.

It is revolutionary to have a show which talks about feminism, the LGBTQ+ community, sexism, immigration issues, mental health, racism, privileges, and addiction, among other themes.

In the show, a solo mom raises her teenage children, with the help of her own mother. Because of this, you get to see different generations and their diverse opinions.

The episodes are around 30 minutes long, but you could binge watch them and not feel tired. Time flies by when you are watching such a good TV show with an incredible narrative.

The show’s premiere was in 2017, and since then it has been bringing up a lot of relevant matters. Despite having three seasons behind it, there is still the chance it will get canceled. So Gloria Calderón Kellett, the co-show runner, stated on her Twitter, “Tell friends to watch!”

“One Day at a Time” is a remake, so you may have heard that name before. The cast features Justina Machado, who plays Penelope, the solo mom of two; Elena, her teenager daughter, played by Isabella Gomez; and Alex, her pre-teen son, played by Marcel Ruiz. Rita Moreno is also part of the cast, and she plays Penelope’s mother.

“You’re going to laugh a lot,” Moreno said to Markos Papadatos, from Digital Journal, about this new season. “The wonderful thing about “One Day at a Time” is that you also cry because there are sad moments and serious issues that we take on in this show.”

By watching this show, you can expect to take a better look at a lot of diverse situations. You are laughing at a situation on the show, then they bring an important topic up and it just makes you feel more aware (as we all should be).

This show is about awareness, laughter, love and much more. So many emotions can be brought to the surface while watching it. It can be very meaningful, since so many things that are in the show are relatable and can hit close to home to a lot of people.

The love the family in this show shares for each other is comforting and reassuring. Seeing them be there for each other, talking about important things and having a good time together can make you feel good. Like you are part of it, “One Day at a Time” feels just like home.