Where is the Government?

The Skyline student government lacks visibility towards the student body


Via Instagram @skylineassc

ASSC’s Instagram showcases the student government and its accomplishments.

Skyline’s student government, the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC), needs to increase its visibility towards the student body.

While the ASSC is not closed off from the campus community, many students remain unaware of what is going on. This is unfortunate because the good work of the ASSC goes unappreciated while students remain in the dark when it comes to opportunities provided by their student government.

The ways in which information is presented puts the burden on the students, it must be sought out. Public zoom sessions are open every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., but that requires students to know they exist in the first place.

Additionally, ASSC accomplishments and events can be found in the weekly Skyline announcements but are often buried within the email. Many students would not know student government information is held within by just glancing at the headline or reading the first few paragraphs.

To the student government’s credit, they do showcase their work on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. While this does show more visibility than zoom, it falls into the similar problem that many students are unaware of its existence.

This is a shame since the ASSC provides many programs, like the Skyline College Community Virtual Ofrenda, that can be highly beneficial for the student body. With more visibility, more students will have access to these programs.

It should be noted that The Skyline View holds some of the responsibility for increasing the student government’s visibility. As the voice of Skyline College, this publication can and will do more to highlight the members, achievements, and programs of the ASSC.

Going forward, a concerted effort will be made to reach out, work with and provide unbiased coverage of Skyline’s student government. With this understanding, the ASSC must do more going forward.

One simple solution would be to feature the ASSC in the headlines of Skyline announcement emails. If not directly in the headline, ASSC achievements could be placed higher up in the announcement emails.

In addition to featured emails, a greater effort could be made to promote their social media accounts and zoom sessions. These resources have the potential to boost the student government’s visibility to a level that reaches most of the student body.

Skyline’s student government does good work, but they must do the work of reaching out to the Skyline community.