Carpooling comes to campus

Skyline College will be hosting Carpool Week from April 28 to 30 and May 5 to 7.

In order to participate, all students need to do is to buddy up and drive to school. Students or staff members who carpool will get priority parking in Lot M.

“It’s mainly for students,” said Angelique Fuentes, coordinator of the program said. “It’s to build a better community amongst the students.”

Fuentes coordinated the event to help reduce carbon footprint at Skyline College, but it is also moving the school to be a more self-sustaining campus.

Not only will Carpool Week help Skyline to be a greener school, it can possibly alleviate congestion on the buses and in the parking lots.

Skyline student Nicole Ruggiero remembered the days where she struggled with taking long, crowded bus rides to school where she had to work around the bus schedules.

“You have to work with the bus schedules,” Ruggiero said. “With carpooling, you can work out a schedule that fits you and the other person.”

If you don’t have someone to carpool with, there’s an app for that! The carpooling app is called Carma Carpooling. Once you have downloaded the app, you can join the “Skyline College Carpool” group and start finding people in your area to carpool to school with.

“I want to help the school be a sustainable campus, open more parking, and gain a better community,” Fuentes said.

For any further questions about the event, contact Angelique Fuentes at [email protected].