Pricsilla Sanchez, ASSC Presidential Candidate

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Meet Pricsilla Sanchez.

But you probably don’t need an introduction. The 21 year old is the current vice president of the ASSC and is looking to move up and be the next president of the ASSC.

What’s her angle?

“Overall, I want to have students engaged in the school, activities and be knowledgeable of resources available and…”


“Have school spirit,” Sanchez said after finding her wording.

“To have students be proud of being at Skyline,” she clarified.

Generally, students haven’t been the most enthusiastic bunch when it comes school events and activities, supported by the mainly tepid attendance.

“I want to help the student body be more involved,” Sanchez said. “There’s a small population of students involved, while the rest are mainly involved in their studies,

I want to get everyone involved.”

But besides raising school spirit, most importantly she wants the help those same students and beyond in achieving their academic goals. One way in which she plans to do so is by exposing new students to the many resources and scholarships available at Skyline.

“I want to help students who don’t know about available resources; to raise awareness,” she said. “There are so many resources available that students don’t reach. I want to get word out about scholarships available, and not just the ones Skyline offers.”

But it all comes back to the lack of exposure for these items, that most of the time it goes over the student’s head or they hear about it when it’s too late.

“Students don’t reach deadlines.”

One idea that Sanchez has in mind is an event that helps students find their major; to inform students of the many majors there is, the requirements and and the potential jobs there can be had in the future.

“When I first came to Skyline, I didn’t know what my major would be,” Sanchez said. “I know it would fall somewhere between math or science but all I mainly did was the (required) classes.”

Sanchez feels that her time as vice president has helped her grow and prepare her for the role of president, if she were to win it. She said that it gave her experience and exposure to the process in which the school conducts business. One of her responsibilities as vice president is running SOCC, a bi-weekly meeting where club representatives meet and decide on fund allocations.

“Running SOCC showed me the whole process of following guidelines and having people contribute in an organized manner,” Sanchez said.

Obviously, Sanchez hopes to win the election and continue being the voice of the student body.

“It is very empowering being the representative of the students,” she said. “I want to bring out the the students’ voice in meetings with the faculty and staff.”