Clarion Alley: Mission District’s evolving canvas

San Francisco has a long history with the working class and the arts, but nowhere else in the Bay Area has these two things so beautifully combined than in Clarion Alley in the Mission District.
Clarion Alley, previously know as Cedar Lane, is a well known alley way filled to the brim with murals and art pieces showcasing the struggles and success of its artists. The artists are mostly the Mission District’s own residents who use their environment as a canvas.
Of course the murals have changed over time, but most of them all relate back to the theme’s of inner city struggles, old and new. Most of the themes revolve around unity and togetherness in tough times and of course their opinions on current events, such as gun control and police brutality.
The mural artists are all apart of a project called the Clarion Alley Mural Project. All of it’s participants are shown by either a name or their respective handles on their website
Clarion Alley shows us the strength of the Mission District and it’s beauty in unity. Where many people who are outsiders to San Francisco see the Mission as dirty and scary, we see its artists and their work located in just one spot as beautiful.
Clarion Alley is a prime example of citizens making a voice for themselves and has given others a voice in the process. In this day, and in this age, we need as many voices to speak up as possible.