Skyline club explores its campus wide cultural variety


Mark, a San Francisco State student, responds to a question about his African hometown to the group of students who participated in the Cultural Coalescence event hosted at Skyline College in San Bruno, Calif. Friday, May 2. The question was one of the many given to the students for a personal response involving their culture. Photo credit: William Nacouzi

The Skyline Student Round Table Club hosted a successful multicultural event that brought fresh faces of the Skyline student body together with returning club members in the Building 4 Multicultural Center Friday afternoon, May 2. Members of the club hosted the event, but extended the opportunity for those not a part of the club to facilitate a table where they represented their cultures customs and traditions, as well as engage in activities so that the club’s mission for discussion based on cultural differences could be varied.

There was obvious excitement from the visitors about the aroma of In-N-Out burgers and fries the Round Table provided, but many more dishes were provided for others to try.

Vanessa Bravo, representing Mexico, brought a well- known game known as “Loteria,” and facts about their traditions. Nicole Harris, representing Tibet, brought a form of art known as mandala, where you draw whatever it is you desire inside a circle. The student representing Brazil brought what is known as “pancake balls” for others to taste. Students had the opportunity to walk around the room visiting the different tables before meeting together as one circle.

There were many more countries being represented including, Nigeria, Israel, Russia, Japan, Korea, Kurdistan, Chile, Ireland, Finland, and Guatemala to name a few.

The event could have been exclusive for the members but where would the diversity be? According to the club, It needed people they’ve never met and that were proud of their culture to speak about it. There were enthusiastic participants expressing their culture’s view on physical contact and how their flag represents their country. Responses varied with their culture, and questions posed to the circle of students allowed for a free exchange of ideas and attitudes regarding their culture and the question given.

President of the Skyline Student Round Table Club, Avital Pelman, expressed that the success has brought more people to join their club and commit to weekly meetings and monthly events.

“We have established a special event once a month where each event has a special theme. Last month was in honor of the veteran’s and this month was for culture.” Pelman said. “The main idea is to break the ice and bring students together.”

These special events take place during the same time as their meetings and are just like their meetings, except it is for those who are not part of the club and would like to be involved. Their next event will kick off in the beginning of the fall semester and they will be screening the movie “Camelot.” Further information such as location and time will be announced on TSV and will be in flyers throughout campus.