Camelot Fish & Chips

Camelot Fish & Chips

Photo by Aaron Washington / The Skyline View

70 Manor Drive
Pacifica, CA

International cuisine has always been the backbone of restaurants, both new and old. Customers are constantly looking for new experiences and new things to try. Well luckily, sometimes the older restaurants can still offer something new. Resting between the Linda Mar Beach and the busy Pacifica Manor Shopping Center, Camelot Fish & Chips remains one of Pacifica’s best kept secrets.

Upon entry to Camelot, it’s impossible to not see the overall influence for the establishment was Great Britain. The overall décor tries to match the inside of a British pub. From the hardwood floors and tables, to the various posters hanging on each wall, you will be caught off guard by the sheer amount of curious items inside—but they don’t hinder from your experience. It makes you feel as if you are in an authentic British eating establishment and not steps away from Sharp Park Beach.

The menu is mainly comprised of two different meats, poultry and seafood. And if you are counting calories, you might want to eat here on a cheat day. Each selection on the menu is fried and comes with a side of french fries, commonly known as “chips” across the pond.

The menu is also relatively cheap. You have the option of getting a full or half order of your food, which takes $3 off your total. All the selections are between $9.45 and $12.45 and drinks are between $1.50 and $3. The most expensive item on the menu is The Camelot, one piece of fish with shrimp, scallops and chips for $14.95. Given that the establishment was known for its fish and chips ($9.45), I felt it was the appropriate item to order.

The service was very quick considering it seemed busy when I walked in. The only option that you have once you order is if you want salt and vinegar on your order, which is an absolute must. The restaurant is also cash only Upon receiving my order, I noticed the portion wasn’t overwhelming. The two large pieces of fried fish on top of a bed of fresh cut fries were not daunting in any way.

The fish was flaky and seemed to get better the more I dug into it. Some fried fish tends to be better on the outside than it is on the inside. The crunchy exterior didn’t take away from keeping the fish flaky and tasty. The fries were the perfect addition to the meal. They didn’t taste like they were out of a frozen bag or processed in any way. They tasted as fresh as possible, which is the way they should be.

Camelot Fish and Chips is an enjoyable experience for both old and new customers. Once you finish your meal, you will remember to add this establishment to your list of favorites. But remember, cash only.