Sad Girl Fall

After a hot girl summer, we get ready to start a sad girl fall with these upcoming music albums!
We all had a hot girl summer, but now it’s time to shift gears and tune into Sad Girl fall with these newly released and upcoming releases from some of pop’s best sad songstresses. Here is our top 3 albums we are listening to all of Fall!

1) First on the list is Lana Del Rey and her album “Norman .. Rockwell”

Lana Del Rey, whose legal name is Elizabeth Grant, came into the music scene in late 2011 with her debut album “Born to Die.” Del Rey is the original sad girl we have come to know since her hit “Summertime Sadness” and many baroque-pop songs. Norman Rockwell will be the sixth studio album released by Lana Del Rey.

We have seen Del Rey mature as an artist and we’ve seen her sound evolve with her music. From the emotional strings that play in the beginning of “Love Song” which reminds us all of the Lana Del Rey we grew to love, to her aggressive lyrics on the title track “Norman F’ing Rockwell” where she sings “Goddamn man child, you f***’d me so good I almost said I love you ” we hear her cursing more in her songs, something she started doing since her 4th album “Honeymoon.” On the song “Happiness is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have” Lana sings “I’ve been tearing around in my f’ing nightgown 24/7, Sylvia Plath.”

“Writing in blood on the walls ‘cause the ink in my pen” Surely this album is going to get you in your feels! A mesmerizing blend of poetry and raw emotion, Lana shows her audience some of her best songwriting and hits some of her best notes to date on this project.

2) Next on this list we have somebody you might not have expected, Charli XCX and her album “Charli”

“Charli” will become available on all platforms on September 13th, 2019. This will be the Charli’s 3rd studio album. The pop star has written for several artists and has been involved in the creation of some of pop’s biggest hits such as “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea in 2014 which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Icona Pop’s song “I love it” in 2012 which hit the UK singles chart at #1. Charli XCX has created her own lane in pop music, she collaborates with many artists on this new project including artists like Lizzo and Sky Feriera who has not released any music since 2013. Some of her singles have already been released such as the song “Gone” featuring Christine and The Queens. Gone features a stormy futuristic beat with emotional lyrics in the hook such as “Why do we kick when the water runs? Why do we love if we’re so mistaken? Why do we leave when the chase is done? Don’t search me in here, I’m already gone, baby.” Ouch. Charli also released a song titled “February 2017” which features artists Clairo and Yaeji on a very Tele-pop-musik inspired beat. Charli XCX stated on her official instagram, “This song is basically about me being a shitty person and doing something really hurtful to someone so brilliant and amazing in February 2017. This song is about asking for forgiveness.” Get ready to let it all out with Charli this fall, we can expect this album to be full of radiating pop sounds and some sad and stormy lyrics on the side, all perfect for your sad girl fall.

3) Lastly, we have “Magdalene” by FKA Twigs! being released sometime this Fall! Date is TBA.

Magdalene will be FKA Twigs’ sophomore album after the release of her debut album LP1 in 2014. FKA Twigs had much success after her grammy nominated album LP1 and her high profile relationship with actor Robert Pattinson. Twigs describes her new album Magdalene in a recent interview with I-D Magazine, stating that “The record is about every lover that I’ve had, and every lover that I’m going to have.” Twigs also claimed that “It’s really fragile. I made it at a time when I was in recovery – physically and emotionally – and I think that comes through.” Her song “Cellophane” from the album is definitely a true indicator of what we are expecting to hear this upcoming Fall with lyrics like “Didn’t I do it for ya? Why don’t I do it for ya? Why won’t you do it for me?” with an emotionally provoking music video to come along with it. We are sure that FKA Twigs vulnerability will be something we can all relate to and cry with this fall.