Day Of Infamy (Beta) Review


Day of Infamy’s rendition of Normandy. Jan. 24, 2016 Photo credit: Blynn Beltran

“Day of Infamy” is one of the rare games that the PC gaming community fails to notice.

This particular game had been in early access for quite some time, having only recently gone into its beta phase. It is still rough around the edges, and balancing issues for multiplayer are still being worked on. For instance, a glitch where the player’s arm and gun would be invisible but the aiming animation would still work. However, given its current state, it is still definitely worth picking up if you want to deviate from the traditional first-person shooter.

The user-interface isn’t very “user-friendly” as there are list upon list of various multiplayer lobbies that the player has to pick individually. This maybe fine for the more experienced gamer but for someone who hasn’t encountered this type of matchmaking, it can be very confusing.

The graphics aren’t mind-blowing, but that is to be expected for the price it’s asking for ($20 on Steam). The terrain in each map is quite generic in-terms of a WW2 style shooter, which is completely fine for what it is trying to be, but it can definitely be improved upon. The designs of the maps are good, and the objective placements forces players to engage in tactical fashion.

“Day of Infamy” is definitely a multiplayer-focused game and this is where it shines. The most enjoyable game mode is the “Rush” type game modes. Team chat is very useful for this game, as it will improve your coordination to play the objectives. However, I find that playing without friends is never fun because most teammates just refuse to care about the winning conditions.

Weapon load-outs are customizable through a 10-point pick system. There are plenty of WW2 guns here and are delegated to certain type of soldiers, so the game stays balanced and gives people a role to do.

New World Interactive, the creators of this game, continues to improve their work by putting up new maps and getting the community to get involved in the development process. These developers actually use early access properly.

For now, the game will live in the dark dungeons of Steam as one of the hidden gems of 2016. It is perhaps the most engaging, hardcore, and objective-oriented shooter out there.