Yeezy, yeezy, yeezy, just jumped over Oakland


Jordan Sweidan/The Skyline View

West raps high above the crowd in an unadorned, but intimate concert.

Known for his music, rants, over-priced clothing and most importantly his ego, Kanye West put the same energy to the stage that he would bring to anything he is dedicated to, when he brought the “Life of Pablo” to Oakland.

As part of his Saint Pablo Tour, West made a stop in Oakland on Oct. 22-23 to bring his Bay Area fans together for an unforgettable weekend.

Prior to this tour, West had typically flaunted a high production level in each of his shows. However, on the Saint Pablo Tour, he’s proven that less can indeed be more, as the only aesthetics to be attentive to were the array of lights above West, and the small stage he stood on that hung 15 feet above the floor. The set up of lights that shined down on him was similar to that of his headlining performance at the Glastonbury Music Festival in June 2015.

Throughout his stage time, West played nearly every single one of his popular hits, new and old. He even brought a more mellow mood to the venue when he sat on the ledge of his stage during “Low Lights,” and while he performed the song he wrote for his daughter Nori, “Only One.”

West will be back to kick off the second leg of his Saint Pablo Tour in San Jose on Nov. 17.