Sons of anarchy episode ten review

While not as gratifying and climactic as last week’s “John 8:32,” the newest installment in the fifth season of FOX’s “Sons of Anarchy” is no satisfying.

In the wake of the ninth episode of the season, in which audiences were treated to a righteously infuriated “Jax Teller” (Charlie Hunnam), this week was somewhat lacking in the shock department. While there were no surprises jumping out at fans this time, we had the privilege of seeing karma takes it’s comeuppance from the architect of this seasons most shocking turn of events, “Tara Knowles” (Maggie Siff) and it was sadistically gratifying to watch her plans unravel before her piece by piece.

Without sounding like too much of a downer on the subject of “Tara’s” character I will say this: the character development of the characters has been impressive. Hardcore fans who have followed the show since the premier episode in 2008 have seen “Tara” go from one side of the spectrum to the other in only five seasons. During the final moments of last nights episode we get to see the overall unraveling of Siff’s character, constantly questioning how she turned into this person. While it is somewhat lackluster to see her master plan fall apart in a single episode, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t supremely satisfied with the current turn of events. I’m more excited to see what happens to her fractured psyche in following episodes.

One of the more entertaining portions of the show sees the pairing of “Gemma Teller’s” (Katey Sagal) support system: “Nero Padilla” (Jimmy Smits) and “Wayne Unser” (Dayton Callie). As the two are tasked with cleaning up one of the more depressing messes caused by “Tara’s” twisted machinations we get to see a grudging respect from between the two, and the ensuing comedy is hilarious. From the deadpan reactions of Callie to the sarcastic outlook of Smits, the back and forth banter between the characters was easily one of the highlights of the episode. I was, without exaggeration, laughing out loud. I hope as the season continues we get to see more of this odd couple getting “Gemma” and the club out of trouble. Both actors bring so much depth and levity to the show I think it would be a waste not to utilize their expertize more in the coming episodes.

This season is turning into one of more dramatic turns and schemings than previous seasons, but so far it’s all coming together nicely. I am very interested to see where show creator/writer Kurt Sutter takes all of this in the end.