Alicia Keys back with a vengeance with “Girl On Fire”

The Girl on Fire album cover is simple yet powerful.

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The Girl on Fire album cover is simple yet powerful.


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Alicia Keys defines comeback with her latest album “Girl on Fire”. The album was released on Nov. 27 and it was as big of a deal as lighting up The Empire State Building, just as Keys did.

Keys has serenaded us with her beautiful vocals for years, and although her 2009 album “The Element of Freedom” wasn’t one for the books, “Girl on Fire” makes up for it. “Girl on Fire” is Alicia Keys on top of her game. I was asked by many people what my favorite song on the album is and I couldn’t choose just one, honestly. I can barely choose four because the album in its entirety is perfect. So perfect, that not even Nikki Minaj being featured in her single “Girl on Fire” can ruin the song, let alone the album.

I’ve been a fan of Alicia Keys since her debut album “Songs In A Minor” just like most people, but “Girl on Fire” is her best yet. Who’d have thought 12 years of being an amazing musician in the industry would lead to perfection. Practice sure does make perfect.

Fire is metaphorically symbolic for Keys, for not only love, but passion. Two songs with a prime example are “Girl on Fire” and “Fire We Make”. The term fire throughout it all is a term of endearment, or a term for passion.

Every song on the album flows and can strike a nerve on any given day. If you’re in love, if you’re dealing with heartbreak, or even just living this album can be everything and more to you. So much of Alicia Keys’ emotions are discussed in it that you can’t help but feel strongly for the album.

“Brand New Me” is the first actual song to kick off this fiery, hot album. The title alone can be provided as a reflection of Keys from her previous few albums until now. Although the songs are about rising above and becoming a better person after hard times I think as listeners we can create different meanings for the lyrics.

“It took a long, long time to get here. It took a brave, brave girl to try. It took one too many excuses, one too many lies. “Don’t be surprised,” words Alicia Keys utters from a place of hurt, but maybe it can also be interpreted as “Girl on Fire” being the brand new her.

There was not one track on “Girl on Fire” that I thought she should have done differently. Vocals, perfect. Melody, perfect. Emotion, perfect. Everything was so perfect I needed to find something wrong with it, but I couldn’t. I mean, can’t you tell when Ms. Minaj can’t even ruin it? I have no idea what Keys was thinking when she decided to put her on the track, but well, it worked.

Pay close attention to the second half of the albums because tracks 9-12 are what get me the most. “Not even the King”, “That’s when I knew”, “Limitedless”, and “One Thing” are just four reasons to buy the album.

Love in every sense is depicted and everyone can relate in some way or another. Simplicity in songs and meaning has never been so brilliant, but with the talent of Alicia Keys, anything is possible.