Warriors’ uphill battle


Sxmplyjo 24/Creative Commons

Jordan Poole shoots a jump shot.


The Golden State Warriors have a very minimal chance to win this season’s NBA Finals.

Despite only slight changes to the roster from last year’s championship team, the Warriors have had their fair share of struggles, to say the least.

Home-court advantage is nothing new to professional sports, but the Warriors have taken it to an extreme level this season. When they play in San Francisco, the Dubs have won 32 of their 40 games, giving them the third-best home record in the entire NBA. Pretty good, right?

Well, when they have played literally anywhere else this season, they have a record of 9-30. That is the fourth worst in the league, sitting behind three teams that are in full rebuild mode.

One of the few bright spots for this Warriors’ team is that forward Andrew Wiggins will be returning to the lineup very soon. He has missed nearly two months of action due to personal reasons.

Wiggins was arguably the second-best player during the Dubs’ championship run last season. He was a vital contributor on the defensive end, locking up star players and turning up the tempo on his offensive game.

Wiggins returning to the floor is much needed for this team, especially defensively, and it will leave Bay Area fans ecstatic when he trots out of the tunnel for the first time.

Along with their defensive struggles, the Warriors have had major issues with turning the ball over.

They have committed the second-most turnovers this season, only behind the 20-win Houston Rockets.

The Dubs have fumbled a few close and winnable games this year, which is now coming back to bite them as they are still fighting for a playoff spot with less than a week remaining in the season.

These struggles have been a trend all season long, and they have not been able to clean up their mistakes.

Heading into the home stretch of the regular season, the Warriors seem to be outmatched by several teams in both conferences. However, a fully healthy Dubs squad is not a team to mess with.

Their track record and championship DNA always give them a chance to win the Finals, but from what the NBA world has seen from the defending champions, it will be a rocky road in the playoffs.