NCAA final four preview

The final four matchups are the most anticipated matchups in college sports with a trip to the NCAA men’s basketball championship game on the line. After playing in the tournament and surviving four rounds to make it to this moment, it is a special moment hold onto for each of these four teams.

The four teams that have scraped and clawed their way here are: the Loyola Ramblers from Chicago, the Michigan Wolverines, the Villanova Wildcats from Philadelphia, and the Kansas Jayhawks are all teams that got to this particular point and are close to writing their names in history.

First let’s look at the Cinderella team that is living on a prayer, the Loyola Ramblers from Chicago won 25 out of 30 regular season games. They ran the table in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament by winning all three rounds thus becoming Missouri Valley Conference champions. They received the automatic bid in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament after winning that tournament.

Through the first three games of the tournament they won by a combined 4 points as they traveled with clutch performances. Then after a dominant performance on the past game they have earned their slot in the final four.

Chicago’s Loyola Ramblers will be playing against the Michigan Wolverines, who won the Big Ten tournament. The Michigan Wolverines, who won 24 regular season games is looking to be the first team from the Big Ten Conference since 2002 to win a NCAA championship.

Then there is the Villanova Wildcats who were previous in 2016 as they seek to hang another banner. Even though there have been some changes since that championship run they went 26 and 7 during the regular season. They won the Big East Championship and waltzed their way to the final four round with the number one scoring offense and efficiency in basketball.

Last but not least is the Kansas Jayhawks, the only team in this final four round to maintain the old modern basketball, with high-low motion offense that features inside-out basketball: that moves the ball and values athletic big men who can score at the basket and make decisions on the perimeter. In this 3-pointer revolutionary world of basketball, they still won 24 regular season games and also won the Big 12 championship, pushing their way through the tournament.

Right now the stage is set for the most dramatic final four round as the Chicago’s own Loyola Ramblers play the Michigan Wolverines and the Kansas Jayhawks look to keep up offensively against the Villanova Wildcats. I believe that the Loyola Ramblers will be able to pull off another miracle win against the Michigan Wolverines.

Meanwhile the Kansas Jayhawks will not be able to keep up against the Villanova Wildcats and they will fall to them, setting up a David vs Goliath matchup for the NCAA tournament title game.