Houston Strong

The 2017 World Series Fall Classic was indeed a classic between the American League Champions the Houston Astros and the National League the Los Angeles Dodgers.

These two great teams battled through seven eventful and gut wrenching plays. At the end of the series one of these teams championship droughts will end with either the Dodgers hosting up a banner they haven’t done in nearly 30 years or for the city of Houston that has never won a world series.

In Game 1, it was a classic pitcher’s duel between Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel which resulted in it being a tight game. The Dodgers opened up their scoring with a lead off home run by their center fielder Chris Taylor. But the Astros would respond with a shot of their own by third baseman Alex Bregman. It was a 1-1 stalemate until the Dodgers Third baseman Justin Turner ripped a two run shot into left center in the sixth-inning. The Dodgers cruised their way into game one victory.

As the World Series continued in Game 2, it would become a historic dogfight that featured eight home runs. At first it look a lot like game 1 the Dodgers ahead 3-1, but then the Astros were finally getting the better hand on the Dodgers bullpen. Then scraped away that defect by mustering a run in the eighth-inning and then a miracle home run by Marwin Gonzalez in the ninth-inning and leading into others.

The Astros finally pulled away after a pair of back to back home runs by Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa making a 5-3 advantage for Houston. Heading into the bottom of 10th only to be crushed by the Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig home run, and by an RBI single by Hernandez. The Astros were able to end that disastrous end of 10th to come back in the top of 11th with a two run shot that put the Astros back on top by two heading into the bottom of the 11th with a two run lead that the Astros was able to hold on to after Los Angeles last second push for the Houston Astro’s first victory in franchise history, but most importantly a tied series heading into Houston.

Game 3 wasn’t even a contest. The Astros jumped all over the Dodgers starting Pitcher Yu Darvish and got four runs off of him early. They maintain that dominating lead even later inning rallies by the Dodgers the Astros hold on to a 5-3 victory, and pulled head of 2-1 series lead.

Game 4 was stalemate until the bottom the sixth-inning by George Springer the Astros would get the first lead off a home run, but the Dodgers came charging back after scrapping. After scraping out a run in the seventh then they would explode in the top of ninth after knocking in a couple of runs Scott Peadrson sealed the victory for the Dodgers to tied the series backed up.

Game 5 would become one of the wildest and the most exciting world series game in recent memory. The Dodgers came out the gates swinging as they put up run lead after four innings. Then Astro surge in the bottom of the four they tied up with a three shot by the First Baseman Gurriel. Then after being tied at four the Dodgers came back courteous of a three home runs ran by Bellinger. Then it was followed by a momentous three run shot by Altuve. Then the Dodgers reclaim the lead to be then responded by pair of home runs by Houston. Houston sped head by three, but in the ninth the Dodgers would come back to force it into extra innings. At the bottom of the 10, the shot heard around the world by Bergman’s RBI single to bring Houston to one win away from a championship.

Game 6 Houston got the early a one nothing lead by another Springer home run until the Dodgers were able to get going in the sixth- inning by springing together a few hits and small ball play to pull head. They would hold on two forces decisive game seven.

This would be third World Series: Game 7; in the four years as baseball amenity lays on the line the Houston Astros were unfazed while the Dodgers stumbled and played with too much haste. In the top of the first inning the Dodgers committed fielding error that allowed the first run of the game for the Astros. Astros would just keep pouring it on and after first two innings they lead 5-0. The Astros were able to hold on to that lead because of the Dodgers in ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities. It was only fitting the long time Houston Astros Second Baseman Jose Altuve caught and threw the final out giving Houston their first ever world championship.

Not only was the a historic series for the Houston Astro, but it was historic within itself. They set the record by the most home runs as a team (15) and the World Series Most Valuable Player George Springer had five of those runs tying the individual record.

They showed their strength as a team and on how they can come together as a team and as a city- Houston this one is for you. From a team that couple years ago suffered third straight hundred loss season that finally this season became winning team.

Even has Hurricane Harvey came roaring through their walls never collapse they keep to the goal for a championship and they did. Houston this one is for you.