Aaron Hernandez may be acquitted of his conviction following his death

The state of Massachusetts would be wrong to drop the Aaron Hernandez conviction because they would be applauding his suicide.

Once heralded among the top receiving tight ends in the NFL, Hernandez’s story from NFL superstar to convicted murderer is far from over. Days after being acquitted for a second murder charge, Hernandez took his own life on April 19, which may deem him innocent for his first-degree murder conviction of Odin Lloyd in 2015.

According to the Chapter 265, Section 1 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “first-degree murder convictions trigger an automatic appeal to the state Supreme Judicial Court.” Following abatement ab initio, since Hernandez died before his appeal could be heard, the state would be inclined to vacate his conviction.

Granting Hernandez his innocence by a result of his suicide defeats the purpose of the legal system. Hernandez was deemed to have been in a clear state of mind which is evident by the suicide notes he had written prior the decision to take his life.

This shows that his decision was made with a clear conscience. While his intent may not be motivated by a $6 million payout that his family would receive, the state of Massachusetts should not reward his family the luxury. Guilt should follow Hernandez to his grave.

While I do not believe that his family should be punished as a result of his actions, I do not agree with his family reaping the luxuries of a multimillion dollar payout. I think portioning the money so the Lloyd family receives a majority of the payout would be the right step.

While any legal justice the Lloyd family received is taken away, Ursula Ward, Odin Lloyd’s mother, still feels justice was served for the murder of her son. On a Facebook livestream provided by Portland’s WGME CBS 13 News, Ward answered questions from the press.

“Because no matter what, the jurors found him guilty,” Ward said. “So that in my book and my family’s book, that is still guilty.”

While the Lloyd family may have let the murder case pass by, a wrongful case lawsuit against Hernandez’s estate is still in the horizon.

Ward explained further in the livestream: “It’s not about a civil case, it’s about my son, Odin Lloyd. It’s about families that lost their loved ones and we need justice. And it’s not even about Odin Lloyd, it was about the person who committed crime on Odin Lloyd.”

The lawsuit stems from the abatement of Hernandez, his family could see $6 million paid by the New England Patriots to honor their contract. Attorney Douglas Sheff, who represents Ward, intends to make a claim if the money is paid but challenges the Patriots to voluntarily pay that money to families who are hurting.

“We want to provide the Patriots the opportunity to become something more, not just champions of football,” Sheff said during the livestream. “But to become champions of justice.”

Dropping the conviction and allowing Hernandez’s suicide deems him innocent despite already going through a proper trial.