Skyline gains momentum with massacre over Cabrillo

The Skyline women’s soccer team enjoyed a three-nil victory over Cabrillo College at home. The team’s confidence and great defense was enough to stop Cabrillo’s best.

“With three games left in the conference we have to win if we want to have a chance,” Head Coach Kevin Corsiglia said. “Coming out with the result today with our last home game was pretty big for us. We want to finish high enough to go to the playoffs. All of these games are important, we want to win and we did that today.”

The team has faced Cabrillo College already during this conference, and coach Corsiglia admitted that this was a team to be reckoned with.

“We struggled with this Cabrillo team when we played them,” Corsiglia said. “Today coming out and scoring three goals, hopefully gave the girls confidence that we are getting better. Two important games coming up, and it is always good to get a good result. It’s the sophomore’s last day at home so it’s a big game for us to get a good result.”

This win will hopefully give confidence to the team for the rest of the conference games before the playoffs.

“We came out ten times harder than before, knowing that this team is a good match up,” the Trojans’ Yasmin Sahib said. “This is going to definitely boost our confidence, knowing that we can dominate teams no matter what the weather is or how many people are out. I think this is a really good thing going forward to our game on Friday.”

One of the players who scored a goal, Deandra Thomas, commented on how she got a goal.

“[Scoring a goal] is exciting, a lot of adrenaline,” Thomas said. “To score a goal, just stay calm. It can be a little hectic when you’re out there and you’re one on one with someone who is a complete stranger. It’s a little nerve-racking out there so you just have to stay cool, calm and collected when you score your goal.”

The women’s soccer team will now face Chabot College (DH) in Hayward on Friday, Nov. 6, at 12:30 p.m., and their last conference game will be against Ohlone College (DH) in Fremont on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 4:30 p.m.