Women’s soccer faces defeat

On Oct. 20, the Skyline women’s soccer team faced off against City College of San Francisco in a tough game. Skyline was defeated by City College in a total score of 3 to 1.

City College started off strong and aggressive in the first half, and moved the ball very well with early scoring opportunities given away by the Trojans. They were able to score three goals within the first 30 minutes of the game. Deandra Thomas, a Skyline forward, scored the only goal made by the team during the second half, 10 minutes into the game.

“We were a step slow in the first half, at this point of the season we are dealing with some injuries, and some players are physically fatigued after twelve games in a little over a month,” head coach Kevin Corsiglia said. “We definitely responded in the second half.”

Goalie Natalie Saucedo had four good blocks, preventing the Rams from scoring any further in the first half. Iliana Cabral, a midfielder, and Sarah Brady, a defender, were among the players who had some great blocks throughout the first half. Though they struggled to keep the ball at first, the Trojans came back stronger in the second half, with better offense and a tighter midfield.

Brenda Gonzalez, who lead as captain against the Rams, said, “the intensity that was supposed to be in the first half came later in the second half. We picked it up and scared City College, we could see in their faces they were worried.”

Skyline’s women’s team, which has been described as “a second half team” by its coaches and players, did not disappoint, and were able to really step it up and prove themselves.

“We had a better mentality in the second half,” Melissa Escamilla said. “We connected a lot of passes and were able to score on City College. We’re a second half team, we tend to do better in the second half of our games.

“We are undefeated in conference and we are hoping to win championships this year and bring in a second total championship title for the Skyline women’s soccer team,” Hazel Alfaro said.

The women’s soccer team, who remain undefeated this season (within their division), are looking to keep their title and sweep the next five games, with hopes of making the playoffs. They are hoping to beat out some ties that they’ve made in the past games.