Trojans prepare for badminton finals


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The Trojans badminton team have had a strong season so far, despite enduring some losses.

The Trojans wrapped up the last of their conference matches on April 21 and are now heading into the Conference Finals, which will determine who qualifies for the State Championships in Irvine. According to Badminton Head Coach Jan Fosberg, the top 8 singles finishers and top 6 doubles teams qualify to play in the state championship.

The team has been lucky enough to avoid injuries so far in the season, despite the team been somewhat inexperience and only having two returning players this season. Fosberg credits the team athletic trainer with doing a great job of treating injuries and keeping the players on the court.

The Coast Conference Finals will be taking place at Fresno on May 1 and 2, and the State Championships on May 7, 8 and 9.

“For Conference Finals, it’s all about playing with good strategy, being fast with our footwork and staying on the attack on the court,” Fosberg said over email.

According to Fosberg, the coaches have been stressing the importance of conserving energy for the later finals matches by ending points quickly and defeating their opponents quickly as possible. The team is focusing on the upcoming Conference Finals, the current task at hand.