Warriors step up their game

This is possibly the best season of Warriors’ basketball I have ever witnessed. With their new head coach, Steve Kerr, this team has reached new levels of achievements.

Throughout the season, the Warriors have been putting on an excellent performance.

Stephen Curry is in the discussion for most valuable player of the season, after being named “the most unguardable player.” He is known also for his amazing shot beyond the arc, and now as a very well-rounded player as he is doing ankle breakers on the NBA’s finest guards and showing flashy assists.

But Curry isn’t the only player on the team to pay attention to. The other, “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson has stepped up his shooting and scoring game as well. A little over a month ago, he became the player with the most points ever made in a quarter with 37 points in the third quarter against the Sacramento Kings, totaling at 52 that night.

Draymond Green has been in the talks as well, clocking in a couple of “triple-double” games this season.

But it’s really the team as a whole that allows them to be so successful. The Warriors wouldn’t be achieving the success they have today if it wasn’t for their teamwork.

With good ball movement, better defensive plays, and just being a great team overall, the Warriors have led the league this entire season in wins. They are also leading the league in field goals, field goal percentage, three-point percentage, assists and points.

As of March 29, the Warriors have secured the top seed in the Western Conference in their game against the Milwaukee Bucks. All they have to worry about now is the playoffs. Even then, they still aren’t relaxing; they are showing playoff-like performances in their games and they really want to show that they are the next NBA Champions.

In their game against the Los Angeles Clippers on March 31, they put up an impressive performance, falling behind the Clippers for more than half of the game only to turn it around in the third quarter and secure the win in the fourth. Also, Curry made a very impressive play against the Clippers’ point guard, Chris Paul, which has turned into a “meme” for the ages. Curry showed some fancy footwork which “broke” Paul’s ankles, causing him to slip pretty badly, allowing Curry to score. This is by far the most impressive “anklebreaker” Curry has ever made, especially up against, arguably, one of the best point guards in the NBA.

Just a few more games until the playoffs begin on April 18. I’m very confident that the Warriors will take it all the way to the finals, and even win it. This is the Warriors’ year.