A scout with an eye

With the athletes practicing, and playing this season with back to back nail biting games going on both on and off campus.

Not only it’s attracting the students here at skyline and factuality, but its also attracting scouts. With a sole intention to recruit players to sign them to either play for their four year university or possible for a major league. This in a sense is putting pressure on athletes to perform to the best of their ability and differentiate themselves from their fellow teammates.

Now what necessarily attracts the attention of the scouts when they arrive on campus scoping out the talent. Are they looking for just pure skill of the athlete? What’s the characteristic that makes them noticed by scouts?

It appears that the scouts look at academics of the athlete. Where the athlete must complete one of the following, you were officially enrolled full-time for a regular term (fall or spring semester, fall, winter, or spring quarter) and present at the school on the first day of classes for that term (this is most common). Or you reported for a regular squad practice prior to the start of classes (this is second more common). Maybe even you participated in practice or competed even if you were not enrolled full-time (this is third most common).

Another thing scouts look out for is the ability of the athlete. That’s when scouts do evaluations on players and monitor certain players during practices. This is when scouts see when they stood out at one point, followed by another check in and see if they’ve changed physically (good or bad), and if their play style changed (again bad or good).

Lastly how fit is the player in the specific role of that is requested for the scout for there’s a limited amount of time. For the athlete only sticks around on average two years then they go for the transfer off the back. So time is limited for the community college athletes and scouts can’t wait for them to develop, and by the time they do it over there gone.

“Generally they are only going to have two years left to play”. “They have to fill a specific need I can’t bring in someone and wait for them to develop because by the time they develop they’re probably going to be gone at that point” said Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Joseph Morello Jr.

All these factors determine whether a scout wants to recruit a community college player into their university. With that said I wish nothing but the best for the community college players on getting drafted and bottom line continue the passion to play