New turf for Skyline College

Matt Floyd, TSV Staff Writer

The Skyline College lower
soccer field received a turf renovation which began in June and was completed later in July.

Construction of the field was extended two weeks when a maintenance issue was revealed below the turf. After removing the old layer of turf from the field,service crews discovered the field’s drainage system had malfunctioned and required repair.

The lower field’s location naturally leaves it vulnerable to water damage. According to Skyline College Athletic Director Joe Morello, “The lower field isn’t in the best geographical location because the spot was once used as a water collection area for an artichoke farm.”

Swinerton Management & Consulting was in charge of the construction project. The restoration project of the lower turf field received funding through The District’s regularly scheduled upkeep.

The lower field last received new turf in 2004. The upper game field is expected to be restored by spring or summer of next year.

The field is open to the public; however, Skyline College students and athletics have priority use of the field. Groups over ten people large must receive a permit from the school before using the field.