Welcome Back Skyline Students!


Kathryn Trefz/ The Skyline View

The sun shines on Skyline’s first day of classes on Jan. 13.

A hot, sunny day welcomes Skyline students to the fall semester, a great change from the usual fog.

For newly graduated high school students, community college carries a greater sense of independence. Here are a few tips if you are a new student in Skyline College:

  • During your free time, check out the entire campus. This is far better than waiting until the last minute to find your classes.
  • Take advantage of the cafeteria. After long hours in class, food will help you a lot.
  • Stay away from the full parking lots; they will cause you to be late.
  • Find the best prices on your books; a used book does wonders.

Good luck as you start your journey at Skyline College.