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Free Tuition for Transfer Students is a Great First Step to Free College in California

This photo illustrates major aspects of student life during college.

Editorial Board

February 17, 2020

As of very recent, California has proposed free college tuition for community college students who transfer i...

The sun shines on Skyline's first day of classes on Jan. 13.

Welcome Back Skyline Students!

August 14, 2019

A hot, sunny day welcomes Skyline students to the fall semester, a great change from the usual fog. For...

Expanding your view

Simone Ledbetter

December 6, 2018

Our community college district needs to encourage students to explore interests outside of their major.With the way things are currently, students are encouraged to only take classes in the field they’ve chosen and some find general education to be a burden and hindrance to their goal. But students need to explore their int...

Transitional age youth programs need easier access

Mark David Magat, Opinions Editor

October 15, 2018

Skyline has many programs that aid students, but the road to access them is a long and windy one. Say you’ve just had your 18th birthday and just graduated high school, you’re finally an adult. Soon after the honeymoon phase though, you realize you need to sign your own paperwork, set your own appointments and essentially...

Mental health awareness among community college students

Mental health awareness among community college students

October 18, 2017

Mental health is becoming an increasingly common issue among college students, and more so for community...

An inside out view of what the average student should have in his or her backpack.

Bring more than your handy dandy notebook

September 2, 2016

Getting through a semester in college, be it a community college or full university, can be a tremendously...

TSV Podcast: Three unqualified people: Episode 32

TSV Podcast: Three unqualified people: Episode 32

April 27, 2016

Welcome to another weekly podcast from The Skyline View. This week we cover articles about the SAT's, PG&E, and college news. Check the list of stories we write about below: 1. What We Now Know About The Men Who Led The Impeachment Of Clinton 2. UC Davis Spent $175,000 To Bury This Story...

Decline in students’ mental health leads to $40 million proposal

Gina Paratore, TSV Staff Writer

April 24, 2016

A new bill was proposed in February which aims to increase funding for mental health in California Community College, University of California, and California State University systems. On February 16, Assemblyman Kevin McCarty introduced Assembly Bill 17, which would establish a trust account and fund $40 million to mental...

Help will not find itself

Michelle Brignoli, TSV Editor in Chief

April 24, 2016

Teachers aren’t the only people responsible for students’ education. It takes a lot of drive from the student as well. Unfortunately, even for students with a lot of drive it can still be challenging to take advantage of all of the resources that their school has to offer. Chances are that teachers and counselors will...

TSV Podcast: Three unqualified people: Episode 31

TSV Podcast: Three unqualified people: Episode 31

April 22, 2016

Check out another weekly podcast! Sorry for the delay in getting another up but we're back now and everything should be fine! Here is the list of stories we talked about this week: 1. Top colleges put thousands of applicants in wait-list limbo, and some won’t admit any 2. Obama Urges ...

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