Mother! Deceptive and Bizarre!

“Mother!” directed by Darren Aronofsky brings a “what did I just watch” feeling to the viewers.

The movie is slow paced, but picks up towards the middle and end of the film. Some crazy things go down. But that is when most of the audience is thrown into a plethora of events that is somewhat entertaining, yet disturbing. Throughout “Mother!” viewers are confronted with symbolism and allusions, mostly biblical. The entirety of the film is a metaphor for the cycle of life or creation, but with a bizarre twist. Some references to watch out for are “Adam and Eve” and anything related to Jesus.

The film begins with the husband, “Him,” placing a crystal on a pedestal. The house where he resides is burned, starts to regenerate, and from the ashes, Mother is born. In the opening scenes of the movie, the audience either gets hooked or doesn’t understand what’s happening. The opening scene is a foreshadowing to the ending scene, which works well in the film. The plot thickens when a stranger and his wife stay at Mother’s home, which helps to develop the story and plot for the entirety of the film.

The middle and ending parts of the movie started to turn off the audience, some of them even whispered, “What is happening?” The entire movie went downhill from there as things started to not make sense and the plot was just lost in all the confusion. The deeper the plot became, the more people were thrown for a loop. Aronofsky added a lot of biblical references, which made it seem like the movie was targeted at religious people. The references did have a positive effect on the movie by adding depth to the characters, each symbolizing a biblical role they had to play.

Mother is a symbol for Mother Earth. Adam and Eve, the guests who wished to spend the night, represent Man and Woman. These symbols reference the effects of Adam and Eve after they were compelled to eat the apple in the Old Testament. What follows after that fatal action takes place in, “Mother!”, where people are essentially harming Mother Earth in the film.

Essentially, the characters are what make the movie worth watching. Mother, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and her husband, Javier Bardem, are two of the biggest highlights of the film. The dialogue between them and the other characters keeps the audience engaged and alludes to some of the plot. What is most relatable, is the way the mother is treated by the husband. How the man always has the power over the women is realistically portrayed in this film.

For the most part, “Mother!”, is something best enjoyed not in theaters, but on Blu-ray. The movie was overhyped in the trailers as a horror thriller and was misleading to the audience, which lead to a low overall score on Rotten Tomatoes. This should influences viewers to be wary, if they do want to tear out their hard-earned dollars to see this objectionable art piece.