Editorial: Preparing your lunch at home can save you a lot of money


Mintzhet Tan/The Skyline View

Students should consider preparing their own meals in order to save money.

College is already expensive with textbooks, supplies, transportation and housing. Food expenses become one of the most costly parts of the college experience so college students should save money by making their own meals.

According to a 2016 University of California report, students were surveyed on their food habits based on how difficult it was to obtain food. Students expressed the following: “cost (39 percent), lack of time to prepare food (48 percent) and lack of time to shop for food (46 percent).”

Keep in mind is that college students do have busy schedules. However, making the time to pack lunch can be essential in not only saving money but also becoming healthier. It may not be a guarantee that students will pack a healthy lunch but taking the time to plan helps with being mindful with what is put into our bodies.

Time management is essential when trying to avoid any additional costs for college. As quoted above, 39 percent of students lack time to prepare food. If college students can plan their semester accompanied with a part-time job, the only thing lacking is motivation to go to the kitchen and prepare food for the next school day.

There is another benefit for students since they could be packing leftovers from the night before. Do not overthink this simple solution. The only things needed are Tupperware and silverware in order to save by making your own meal without the hassle of having to make another meal since you can directly transfer what’s left from pan and into the containers.

Another solution besides making lunches is to be buying cheaper prepared food from the grocery stores. With the other 48 percent who lack the time to shop, it can be useful to be mindful of the prices and to purchase easy food.

There are plenty of places where students and faculty can get food like vending machines, the bookstore, World Cup Café or Sky Café. However, spending money on food eventually does add up and take a toll on your wallet.

The cafeteria offers a majority of food but at expensive prices. Over the years, there have been complaints about how the food seems overpriced for the quality of the food you get. There may be no simple way to change the menu and pricing of the products. However, a student has the power to make the decision to reorganize their day to fit in meal prep in order to save money over time.