The Skyline Pretty Committee helps Halloween become bewitchingly beautiful

Ten days before Halloween, the Skyline Pretty Committee rented Skyline Theatre to host a pre-Halloween makeover they called, “Drab to Fab: Skyline’s Spooky Beauties.” Skyline students, faculty, and community members were welcome to join in the fall festivities.

“Just for the occasion we tweaked our mission statement a bit and now we’re here to spook the world with more beauty, one member at a time,” Skyline Professor of Aesthetics and faculty advisor of TSPC Anjeline Joy Lee said. “If we can make every day beautiful we can surely up the ante for a special holiday like Halloween.”

Along with beautifying each member, those members then must take a bit of time out of their day to beautify the world around them.

“The money we used to purchase the costumes, accessories, and makeup was gathered by all the members of TSPC,” student treasurer of TSPC Phillip Banx said. “The club formulated the idea that if everyone went out to pick up cans and bottles around their neighborhood every day for at least 30 minutes we’d probably have enough for costumes, and we were right.”

TSPC provided the materials used to enhance the costumes, washing and refurbishing costumes found at the Good Will or Salvation Army.

“We had been brainstorming what we could do for the holidays since last semester,” student president of TSPC Staci Harrod said. “There were a ton of options to choose from, but we thought the Halloween makeover would be something most charitable for our members to enjoy.”

Anyone wishing to participate in the Halloween makeover was asked to attend while wearing their best Halloween costume. Upon arrival a panel of TSPC members would deem the costumes “charming or alarming.”

The red flagged costumes would then be escorted down the aesthetic assembly line. They started from the clothing station and moved to the accessory station which were manned by TSPC members. Next they had the makeup station followed by the hair station, also run by TSPC members but with a few helping hands from Skyline’s Cosmetology program.

“Not everyone can afford to buy quality makeup and not many people want to spend money for quality costume makeup only to use it once a year,” Cosmetology Major, Nina Mua said. “The rest of my cosmetology crew and I are happy to help beautify all the costumes in need, wands at the ready!”

There was a separate face painting station for the children in the Pacific Heights Building to come and enjoy. Any other children that happened to be with family members attending the event were welcome to join in, too.

“Even the little kiddies get to look fierce,” TSPC member Mike Coores said. “Learning about TSPC at such a young age can only have a positive impact on the childrens’ aesthetic outlook as they grow older.”

After all of the attendees costumes were completely beautified, TSPC members numbered everyone and had them strut out on stage to show off their fresh and improved Halloween outfit.

“I’m definitely glad I came to the Spooky Beauties makeover,” Skyline student, Darla Dimble said. “I thought my costume was garbage but everyone was so nice to me and kept reminding me that if there weren’t people like me how would they do their jobs so well? I’m going as a lioness who doubles as a palm tree. They have a point, I look great now.”

TSPC ended their event with an astonishing 78 panel pleasing makeovers and 42 face painted children, posing a festive group shot full of excellent community service.

This article is not real and was written for the TSV online Halloween special for Fall, 2015.