Man turned into zombie by tomato

URGENT- If a man with a gruesome head injury is seen walking around campus, do not approach him.

Tomato injuries are on the rise. More and more people are dying from these injuries causing them to eventually, after death, become a tomato loving zombie.

People seen drinking V-8 by these zombies are to suffer horrific tomato related death.

Lenny Alvirez, a Skyline student, was the first to suffer this peculiar fate.

“Ever since I knew him, he had hated tomatoes,” said Lenny’s best friend of seven years, Stella Landell. “One day as we were walking down the street, he managed to slip on a random tomato, falling before I could catch him.”

Lenny later died from a serious head injury. Then, in an event most would consider most miraculous, what used to be known as Lenny came back to life, turning into a zombie. Not a common flesh eating zombie, but one who seems to also worship tomatoes.

The virus is spreading. Tomato lovers and haters alike, are turning into shadows of their former selves. Symptoms can range from unusually pale skin, red speckled dots covering the face and forearms, green hair and razor sharp teeth. Anyone with these symptoms should report themselves and stay in quarantine until help arrives.

“I understand that people want to move on with their lives and pretend that might not be sick,” Police Chief of San Francisco Jose Leen said at an emergency press conference. “If you find anything out of the ordinary, please go to the nearest hospital or police station for everyone’s safety.”

Since the incidents, there has been speculation on whether the tomatoes grown in California are dangerous. To test the theory, samples of the fruit were taken from various farms for testing.

As of Sunday, Sept. 24, results have come back negative for contamination from all samples.

“We do not know where the virus has come from,” said Richard Lovoya, a well-known scientist in the Bay Area. “My team and I have been doing recent tests, my only recommendation is to stay away from any tomato product,” Lovoya said.

This includes: Pizza, canned tomato products and drinks.

Outcry soon followed due to pizzerias and local restaurants being forced to shut down in concern for safety. Although these businesses depend on the product, the number of infections continue to rise. Safety is the goal, since some of the victims have not survived their injuries, due to being ripped apart by the zombies.

From observations by the police force, it s known that these zombies are sensitive to the smell of tomatoes, and are able to sense if they are in the area. Wearing anything related to tomatoes will raise the chances of being attacked.

Lenny Alvirez is still missing, but reports have been called in, based on his description in hope of catching him.

Leen has made an announcement on the importance of catching Alvirez in the hopes to use him to find the cure for the virus.

“For all we know, he must have had a mutation which was triggered at the time of his death, ironically at the hands of a tomato,” Lovoya said.

This article is not real and was written for the TSV online Halloween special for Fall, 2015.