Bigfoot seen on campus, causes major public safety issue

In an unusual turn of events, students have reported seeing Bigfoot in the hills around the campus, with even some students even going as far to say that they have seen him around campus on the rooms.

These campus sightings have been proven to be false by security camera footage from Public Safety. The footage is available online for the public to view, streamed live by Public Safety.

“With all the trouble on campus we have checked thoroughly into the reports of Bigfoot been seen on campus with all the available resources we have available and it’s just not true,” said Public Safety Officer Sky Cook.

In regards to the sighting of Bigfoot in the mountains around campus, Public Safety and the police have no comments on the matter and they are still looking into the issue.

“With all the chaos on campus they (Public Safety) should be doing more to protect us,” said Skyline student Rim Aerith. “I mean, we have vampires and other supernatural creatures running wild on Halloween, we have should be allowed to have weapons on campus to protect ourselves from these threats.”

Student government senator Yu Renegade voiced similar concerns during the recent protests that Skyline vampire student population have been engaged in. Renegade pointed out that if the campus was one of the few campus in California that were human only, we wouldn’t be having these issues.

Further investigation by The Skyline View into the sightings have revealed that the initial reports may been have caused by human students, however nothing is confirmed and both Public Safety and the police refuse to comment any further.

Police search teams are being organized with help from the public, beginning the campus-wide search for Bigfoot. According to San Bruno Police spokes-zombie Helen Tory, the searches will last for the next two weeks as they seek to confirm the sightings or prove them false.

However, not everyone cares about the sighting of Bigfoot and whether they are true or not.

“Personally I don’t care or see the point of it,” Skyline student Con Johnson said. “It doesn’t matter if they have seen the big guy himself, when we have all these chaos in our society today that need to be fixed.”

This article is not real and was written for the TSV online Halloween special for Fall, 2015.