Quidditch comes back to Skyline College due to student demand

Due to overwhelming student demand, Trojans Quidditch is back on the pitch.

There had been concerns over several components of Quidditch being dangerous, one being the extreme physical nature of the game, and the other being that many times the team was playing in weather conditions that were harsh and made it almost impossible to play.

The game begins with a referee who lets all 4 balls into the central circle (the middle of the field). The Bludgers and Snitch fly of on their own, but the Quaffle is thrown into the air to start off the game. Chasers score by throwing the Quaffle through any of the three goals (A line of three golden goal hoops). Each goal is worth ten points. For each quarter of the game, there are 4 players put out on the central circle. The players will rotate around each quarter or if one player wishes to tag another team member in to take his place. After a goal is scored, the opposing team’s Keeper will throw the Quaffle back into play and the game continues. The only way to end the game is for someone to catch the snitch.

Skyline students rallied around the team and let it be known that bad weather did not deter them from coming out to watch the Trojan Quidditch team. And yes, it could get physical at times, but that’s what makes this sport so exciting.

It’s obvious that Skyline students love and support our Quidditch team after seeing the crowd that turned out for last Friday’s opening game: the entire Skyline student population showed up. The Skyline College Pretty Committee helped out by using the money they made from fundraisers to embellish uniforms in need from the Quidditch team.

The first of the season brought back all the excitement and non-stop action that the students love. Everyone was wearing school colors to show off their school spirit and holding up banners to support the team players.

Eddie Cullen, foreign exchange student from Romania and most admired player in the world of Quidditch, played one of his best games on Friday night. It was a very close and competitive game against another well known player in the field, Peter Melark.

Melark scored almost as many points as Cullen, but Cullen knocked him off of his broom, causing Melark to sit out for the rest of the game.

Despite gloomy foggy weather, the teams played on. It was closely contested, with both teams who had strong keepers playing a good game and keeping the score low. In fact, by the end of the second half it was still all tied up 10 to 10.

“It was a very intense game,” said Klaus Baudelaire, an opposing team member. “Although we lost, we were glad to be here at Skyline once again, playing the sport we love.”

Towards the end of the game, our all star chaser Cullen made a fantastic diving catch of the golden snitch, with a total score of 200 points. Welcome back Quidditch!

“And when I caught the snitch, it was like magic,” Cullen said.

This article is not real and was written for the TSV online Halloween special for Fall, 2015.