Editorial: Change starts with a single step

Ever since Donald J. Trump won the presidential election of 2016, people across the United States have taken a stand against the outcome of the election.

So far, it seems Skyline College has yet to take a stand on the issue at hand. While the school has hosted a few “Post-election process circles,” it’s not enough to make our voices heard. Many schools across the country have taken a stand and banded together to walk out of their class to protest.

The students here at Skyline College joined together with the other students in the district, from CSM and Cañada, on Nov. 11 in an attempt to discuss potential communication solutions.

We have the opportunity to come together, in peaceful protest, to tell the nation of our displeasure with what has occurred. It’s important to make our voices heard as a school, especially a school this diverse. Over half the population of Skyline is female. In terms of race, Skyline’s population is 17.8 percent Hispanic/Latino and 19.3 percent Asian, according to the Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness.

However, before you protest, make sure you know what you’re protesting. Know what change you want. Know why you must protest, and how.

If you don’t agree with protesting and are displeased with the outcome of this election, there are plenty of other options for you to show how you feel.

Donate to organizations and programs that WILL be affected in Trump’s presidency. Organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, SPLC, NRDC, and The Trevor Project are just some of the organizations that will need your help if they want to continue helping the people of the United States.

Don’t be passive in this presidency. No matter how much you think you won’t be affected, you will. These are the kinds of stands our student body needs to take, by coming together. Will our school protest with rest of the nation, or will we sit idle as massive changes occur around us?