Just fine

You’re always going to grow,
And it’s all going to be alright.

Buy you won’t forget the words.
And the faces of the jesters,
Who took your health for granted.
Who took your innocence in vain.

You’ll remember what they said,
And the tone that they used.
You’ll remember their laughter and their smirks.
You’ll remember the mascara stains on your pillow.
And the heaving breaths taken in haste.

It’ll feel brand new one day,
Years later,
The pain may be fresh.

But you’ll be okay.
And everything will work out.
You won’t need them anymore,
They won’t chase you with their snarls.

It’ll hurt. For a while.
It’ll hurt for some time.
But you won’t stay alone.
They won’t stay in power.
And you will be just fine.