Thank God It’s Over

New school, new class, new kids
Socially I took a major skid
Uniforms, morning prayers, 7th grade cliques
An equal number of bitches and dicks
Sure you’ve been together for years
Doesn’t mean you should put me in tears
Which feeds my fears
Of what the next day brings

Sure my grades and behavior improves
But during recess, lunch and class
I’m on the move
To stay out of sight and out of mind
Cause teachers and nuns were blind
To my daily torture

Name calling, teasing, ruining a rep
I hadn’t even started to form
So I could step by step
Try and find a way to stay
home and try to build up
the courage and fortitude
To change my attitude
So maybe they’ll leave me be

I finally learned that by making myself scarce
And learning to immerse myself in a safer place
Be it the bathroom, helping in the kindergarten class
Or Mass
To make the time pass
As I watch the clock and wait
Trying not to take the bait
So I can get home in one piece
And be at peace
With myself
Until it’s time to go back

Counting the days til graduation
So I can go to high school
Build a new and better foundation
With people, friends,
people who care
So I can put the bullies out of my mind, but not my memory