Editorial: Laziness in school writing: dumbing it down?

Internet slang, or text slang, all of it is a disservice to writing in general.

Maybe people are becoming lazy with their writing, or really lack the education to write like an adult. In particular, the issue is with students turning in their work and using terms like “pls,” which would be please, or the letter “u” instead of you.

For someone with an English major, and a student in general, it is frustrating that people have become so lazy. We have the technology to spell check and people still misspell words in their writing. During some peer reviews it has been seen that some students choose not to use the actual word, and honestly it takes about a second or two to erase the lazy hand-written or typed error. Some teachers have even stipulated that when they receive emails they do not want a text message type of email.They want an intelligently written email with correct grammar and word use. It is an email and this is your professor you are talking to, not your best friend in your group messages.

Although some people do not have an issue with texting messages like “brb” and “lol,” there is no way you would include that in your essay to a professor. Writing in text slang or internet slang, whatever you wish to call it, has become so normal that people probably see no wrong in using it. However, there are many things that are wrong with accepting this kind of language and it is almost like speaking and writing in another dialect. Either you chose to write like an educated person or you write like you text or comment on your friends’ Facebook status. Clearly people have lost their minds in thinking that spelling has no importance and the effort is no longer even there.

There is a difference between knowing how to spell and just being lazy, so we have to ask ourselves this question: Do people actually not know how to spell, or are they truly so lazy that they do not care what is understood in their poorly written essays, class assignments or homework? Whoever started the trend of text message language or internet slang should be held accountable, but no one really cares at this point. Technology has allowed people to grow in some ways while in others they it has caused major setbacks.

These poorly written essays, or in class assignments, should not feature incomplete or incorrect words. This is simple and it makes little to no sense to write like you text, why this is even an issue. During a peer review for an English class it would be nice to see the word “through” actually spelled instead correctly instead of “thru.” It is just seen way too often, and because we are used to it, no one seems to care.

But again, why is this an issue? Who cares if someone else spells their words wrong or types “u” instead of you? It is a problem because it demeans the person using this slang. Social media, and its growing presence in our day to day lives, is the cause of this problem.

Students tweeting regularly and posting statuses on Facebook, or maybe even in a blog post, is causing text slang to be the norm and “dumbing down” the writing of students. Teachers recognize this issue, and so do your fellow students. So do yourself, and others, a service by taking the time to write what you mean and be thoughtful. Don’t be lazy just because social media says it’s OK.