Trojan (Wo)man: Sex in Public places

Bianca Gonzalez, TSV Staff Writer

You want to have sex and you’re outside with your partner. Well that’s a perfect time to crawl into the backseat or enjoy some outside air. Some things that are important to remember when you enjoy some public fun is that you never want to get caught. It would be embarrassing or you can own up to it and feel no shame, but I personally wouldn’t want to experience that.

Public sex can be really fun for many reasons depending on the location. It just brings a new excitement into your personal life. Having sex in a wooded area makes things exciting. You and your partner are surrounded by nature, and in the process of lovemaking you are connecting with the world around you. Or not. Either way it is exciting every now and again.

If you are having one of those nights where you would like to find some excitement, try going for a drive. Car sex is tricky however. You might be too tall or your guy might be too big and uncomfortable. Regardless, this may be your time to shine if you have been shy in the bedroom. Take control and surprise your partner. They’ll enjoy it more often than not.

The other side to sex in public places is the fact that it can get bad. It can be totally cold and you can get a bug bite, or a few bites. With car sex you can accidentally set off the car alarm, hit the headlights, or honk the horn by accident. These things tend to either make the mood change for the worse or for the better. You and your partner can totally laugh it off or your partner can be really anal and get annoyed. Either way we all honk a few horns in our lifetime with car sex. You probably don’t want to get fully naked in case you need to make a quick escape though.

If you are adventurous and want to try this public play, know that you and your partner need to be comfortable in the moment. Paranoia will ruin it for everyone. I would suggest going to a place you know people don’t go, and you want to avoid street lights at any cost. The moonlit night can be very romantic and magical. I know that I had a very exhilarating moment being on a bench in a secluded area where the only light was the moonlight. You can feel the wind hitting your faces and other places on your body which just enhances the whole experience. You will feel full of life and on top of the world. It is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on in life.