Editorial – The opportunities are available to you, all you have to do is try

Scholarships, they are free money that could potentially be a student’s free ride through college. There are countless amounts of institutions that are practically throwing money at students. It’s up to the students to take the initiative and apply for them. All a student would have to do to gain access is show that they have the potential to succeed in their studies.

For those who think scholarships are just financial aid: well in short it is, it’s financial aid that you earn by various means. Some may be under the impression that scholarships are only for people of lower incomes or minority races. While some scholarships are aimed at those various groups, there are many more that are open for all.

So don’t go around thinking that you cannot apply for a scholarship simply because your parents make above the required income range for regular federal financial aid. Scholarships are there for any student who can prove they have the drive. Usually a scholarship will require the student to write an essay about themselves. It’s up to the you to take the initiative.

Skyline offers many avenues that can introduce students to the many scholarships that are available to them. As a matter of fact, on Feb. 6 there is a scholarship application workshop in building 2 at 1 p.m.. There is a personal statement workshop also going on at the same time as the application workshop.

Our school website has a plethora of resources for students. It offers a wide selection of scholarships; it also has a wide array of hints and tips on how to get started like how to write a resume and much more.

There is no reason not to apply for a scholarship. Rich, poor, new or old to Skyline, all should at least look into applying to a scholarship. Fair warning you might have to kick it into gear right away because the deadline for this round of scholarships is Feb. 14. A scholarship could potentially lead to smaller or even zero loan payments for a student with plans to transfer. Don’t sit around and twiddle your thumbs. Look them up, apply for them win them, and roll in the dough like Scrooge McDuck.