Editorial: there are many avenues available to donate, all you have to is look

By now, most people should be familiar with the typhoon that struck the Philippines. For those not familiar with Typhoon Haiyan, it stuck mid-November, and was recorded as the worst typhoon to hit the Philippines, claiming many lives and leaving many without a home to return to.

The sad part this is that a large amount of people are just going about their lives as if this typhoon has nothing to do with them at all. In fact, it does, even if not directly. The people that were affected could be the family and friends of someone you know.

The typhoon has been gone for a few weeks now. It’s shameful to say, but we here at The Skyline View have not covered the topic at all. It sounds like a no-brainer; why would we not have coverage on this event? We have a fairly large Filipino community at Skyline. We flubbed up, but we know that it’s not too late to try to get the word out on the ways to help.

There are many associations willing to accept cash donations or various other little things. To name some, The Philippine Red Cross offers many ways to donate cash to the relief effort. Or there is the International Medical Corps which focuses on bringing aid to the areas that were hit hardest by the typhoon.

The Philippine National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council offers a few ways to donate money. MGive, an online or phone-driven service, allows you to donate through text messages by texting AID to 801108 to instantly donate $10 to the MGive Philippines Typhoon Disaster fund.

Skyline College is even making efforts to join in on the relief effort. An organization associated with the Filipino Student Union (FSU) is holding a contest to see who can donate the most items. The students who donate the most items will win $100 gift cards for places like Amazon or ITunes. All donations will be going to the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns or (NAFCON). The drop off location for the fundraiser is in building two, room 2240. The deadline for the campaign is Wednesday December, 11.

We need to help our fellow students, our fellow man, however we can especially in times of disaster. It’s never too late to donate, even the smallest of donations goes a long way. Someone can always use those old clothes you’re not wearing, or those canned goods just sitting in the back of your pantry.