Skyline’s Student Trustee nominee leans on experiences to guide vision


Joshua D Picazo

Veloso poses in front of a mural in the Dream Center, where he is a student assistant

Arthur Veloso was elected as Skyline College’s Student Trustee nominee, and will now go to a second phase in which he will face off with CSM and Canada College’s nominees.

The Student Trustee of the District sits at board meetings. They are seen as the voice of the student population and provide input into issues ranging from student housing to funding for different programs.

Veloso spoke with The Skyline View about his election and vision for the position.

“If I’m given the opportunity… I have the same plans to promote equity, visibility, and self-advocacy, to the immigrant communities, especially the Latin American community as well because I have a past with immigration,” said Veloso. “I had to overcome a lot of social problems and economic problems in order to be here today.”

Veloso’s road to Skyline College has come with hard work, including learning English, getting his GED, and working to earn scholarships.

“The moment when I got here in America, I did not know that I could do what I’m doing right now, I had no hope in the future, I did not know that I could be in such a position and represent other people that are in the same situation as me. I think that is important,” said Veloso.

“Because if we do not have a person with that same background, how are we going to make other people like me encouraged to run for other positions like that, like a Student Trustee? So I’m running because I want to give hope to those individuals to be part of that change the change that they want, and that they deserve.”

Veloso said he plans to prioritize advocating for the immigrant community, the LGBTQ+ community and other groups if elected.

Cañada College students nominated Ignacio Morales in their election earlier this month.

The three trustee nominees from each campus will face off next, after College of San Mateo’s ASSC elections this week.