Upcoming student government elections at Skyline College

Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) is taking applications for candidacy of officers and senators for their upcoming student body elections until Friday, April 22.

Student Government roles up for election include president, vice president, commissioners, parliamentarian, club liaison, and senators.

Those applying need to complete the candidate packet provided by ASSC. The packet includes a nomination petition with which registered students can voice a campus concern along with their nomination.

Last year, roughly 600 students voted in the ASSC elections, according to Activities Commissioner Marlon Gayton Jr.

Campaigning has already started as candidates look to get votes. Those not familiar with the rules may look online on the Student government page under elections to find the campaign rules and regulations.

Once the candidates are finalized, students will be able to meet them on April 26 at 2 p.m. in building 6, room 6202. Candidates will be available to share their potential projects and the issues they wish to address the most.

Voting will start on May 3 and will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the cafeteria. May 5 will be the last day to cast votes. Online 24-hour voting is also available for students on the Skyline College website, under the student government page.

“It’s benefited actually quite great,” current ASSC Vice President Alexander Alpi said. “It helped me with my resume and now I have an amazing job. Extra curricular activities are wonderful. They look for that.”

Api has since been hired by Google and thinks that ASSC played a major part.

Having student government under your resume opens major opportunities to students. Good grades can get students considered but extra curricular activities separates eligible candidates from the rest of the field.

“I’m gaining experience while in student government and personal skills that I could improve on,” Associate Senator candidate Kristy Nguyen said.

Nguyen is looking to build onto her resume when elected into ASSC. Students elected into the student government develop great leadership and communication skills. Some people still have second thoughts about joining though.

“People think that it’s more of an obligation than enjoyable,” Commissioner of Finance candidate Nena Darwin said. “But you get a lot out of it too.”

Becoming an ASSC officer or senator is a great way for students to branch out to the school and become more involved. Student government give students an outlet to reach out to their community while also building their skills in the projects they participate in.

“It not only gets you involved in your school community but in your outside community as well,” Darwin said. “Being in ASSC gives you more connections with people and teaches you how to manage yourself while representing the school well.”

Darwin is running for Commissioner of Finance after a year of being an Associate Senator. If elected, she will work closely with the president in managing school budget for projects and school improvements. Students have told her that the biggest issue on campus is the lack of Wi-Fi stability.

Current Senator and Presidential Candidate Dylan O’Shea described being a member of ASSC as a way to fix the schools top issues. O’Shea participated on the food committee that went about fixing the schools dining issues.

Now is the time for students to voice their issues and concerns regarding the campus. Too few students actually take the opportunity to get involved.

“Those who have interest in it know how much commitment there is,” Darwin said. “There are definitely groups who don’t do this at all.”

Raising interest in student government throughout the different groups at Skyline is a daunting task to accomplish. But those interested are committed and heavily involved in further exposing the election.

Skyline’s student population is well represented by those who vote, but the election is the opportunity to have every voice heard.