Students urged to explore major declarations and careers


Kevin Perez

ASSC members Ashley Cabrera and Allyson Roa display their majors on the Dare to Declare t-shirts.

The spring semester Meet Your Major Fair had a host of tables representing majors in an attempt to help students figure out what they want to do with life and their degree on April 13.

The Meet Your Major Fair, which took place in building 6, is designed to bring out Skyline’s faculty and students, and to connect them. Students get the chance to learn what each field requires to enter and what people do with these majors. In other words, it teaches students what careers can be made out of their major.

Before the fair, there were workshop classes called “Dare to Declare” which helped students figure out what they wanted to declare as their major.

Eilene Williams, the program services coordinator, and Lavinia Zanassi, the faculty coordinator and counselor for Career Services, put this event together in the hopes of teaching students to research their intended major thoroughly before making a final decision.

Williams elaborated that students, as children, pick majors growing up due to their parents expectations.

“A person can say one thing, especially a child,” Williams said. “They are saying these things, mimicking these things, they are mimicking [the parents], this is what was told to them on what was right to say.”

Williams also mentioned that students feel the pressure of making their parents or guardians happy, and pick majors that are considered financially secure due to the parents’ or guardians’ influence.

The newest feature of the Meet Your Major Fair is the major tree. It serves a purpose similar to the sticker board of last year’s fair, to exhibit what other students have in mind for their careers.

“I think the fair is going really well,” Andrea Doffoney Anyanwu, adjunct counselor said. “I see that a lot of students are participating and they are doing a raffle and decorating our major tree here.”

The roots of the tree represent the major and what it means. The students were able to leave their contact information as well, to be reached by the career center for more information on getting help for their major.

Nikki Cazar, a Skyline psychology major, volunteered to work the raffle table.

The raffle, as Cazar explained, made the students go around and talk to other people and get stamps on paper to show qualification to participate in the raffle.

“So far it has been solely because of the raffle,” Cazar said.

Another promotion for the fair were t-shirts with slogans made by students promoting researching college education and college majors.

The slogans included: “Say it loud, say it proud. I declared _______,” “My Hogwarts letter never came, ________ was my only option,” “Declare _______, not war” and lastly “Major revealed: _______ Nothing Minor ‘Bout that!”

The fair overall was set up for students and staff to come together and have a discussion about what it takes to actually declare a major and be aware of what careers can come from it.