Skyline’s new mobile app

Skyline College is taking a step into the future by offering a new mobile app.

An email was sent out to students on Monday, informing them about the new mobile app, which runs through Ellucian Go. Basic instructions about how to download and log into the app were provided in the email.

Student feedback will be accepted through the Marketing, Communications and Public Relations department at their email: [email protected].

“There’s a trend right now of everybody using their mobile devices more and more,” Interim Marketing Director, Jennifer Owen-Blackmon, said.

The idea for a mobile app began in 2012, but major steps were taken recently to release the app for the new semester. By September of last year, most of the process had been completed and it was just a matter of making it available to students.

In December, a focus group was held to have the Associated Students of Skyline College test out the app and provide student feedback.

The app is focused on providing students with accessibility to the information that they may have previously had to wait until being at a computer to obtain.

“Having that access to your grades and to your class schedule is going to be really key,” Connor Fitzpatrick, Promotions and Web Content Coordinator, said.

Fitzpatrick added that one of the main catalysts that inspired the app was the desire to make this type of information more easily available to students in a way that wouldn’t necessarily mean having to head home or find a computer to use.

“All of this information is in one…easy to use portal,” Fitzpatrick said.

Skyline student Frankie Koep-Blanco said that with classes starting, he hasn’t had much time to check out the app, but that after receiving the email he has thought about it.

“It’s cool that we’re upgrading,” Koep-Blanco said.

Owen-Blackmon and Fitzpatrick offered some tips to students who are reluctant to try out the app.

“You don’t actually need to log in to see a lot of the content on there,” Owen-Blackmon said.

The only options that a student needs to be logged in for are the grades and courses. The rest of the app is accessible without logging in.

Another comment Owen-Blackmon added was that since it is a mobile app, it will interact with situations like phone service the same as any other app. If students experience difficulties with Wi-Fi or service, she advises that they try using the app in other areas or rooms.

This is an app created and built for the students, and student reactions and opinions about the app will help decide how to progress the project.

“Anything that will make life easier for the students is always the goal,” Owen-Blackmon said.

Students can download the app by accessing the app store on mobile devices, downloading the free Ellucian Go app, and then selecting “Skyline College” as the school. Further instructions on logging in are provided in the email announcement on Monday.

“This is a mobile world now and we are absolutely in it,” Fitzpatrick said.