Accreditation continues for Skyline

Every six years, the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) visits the campus.

Skyline undergoes a comprehensive self evaluation, reporting educational quality and institutional effectiveness.

The ACCJC will be visiting campus on Monday, Oct. 21 to compare and contrast reports from the last visit, as well as interview students.

“I am confident we will do great,” Dean of Social Sciences & Creative Arts, Donna Bestock said. “We are a good college and we have documented that very well.”

Skyline does great each evaluation because there is an increase in student participation. Students are becoming more involved with school activities through clubs, programs and volunteer opportunities.

“We have been really pleased” said Bestock. “It has been a huge effort across the school board and it really shows their support for the Skyline students.”

An external evaluation team will be walking around campus to observe school activity and talk with a variety of students, asking some questions here and there, with no pressure at all.

“Just be yourself and sincere with your experience as a student at Skyline,” Bestock said. “Our mission statement is to empower and transform a global community of learners. If you get the global community part, you got the heart of the answer because that’s what we truly strive for at this college.”