Textbook thief caught by San Bruno Police


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The alleged suspect of the recent break-in at Skyline College has been arrested by San Bruno police last week.

The suspect, 41 year-old Laurence Lamont Boone was arrested by San Bruno Police for the break in at Skyline College on Sept. 15th and Oct. 3. In addition to breaking into Skyline College, the suspect also broke into the College of San Mateo and Foothill College according to an article by the San Bruno Patch.

The break in at the College of San Mateo, according to Mike Celeste, Director of Public Safety, took place on Oct. 6, three days after breaking into Skyline College. According to the director, similar cases were reported during this time frame.

The Skyline Offices that were broken into were all located in building 7 and 8. The rooms broken into were room 8112, 8216, 8218, 8236, 8207, 7322, 7326A, 7326B, 7220, 7217, 8112, 8207, 8216, and 8218.

This isn’t the first time that Boone has been charged with a crime in California, according to the County of San Mateo Court website. Mr. Boone has been taken to court twice in 1996 and in 1998.

According to an article by the San Bruno Patch, Mr. Boone was released under AB109, which together with AB117 was legislation enacted in an attempt to stop the revolving door of low-level inmates cycling in and out of state prisons.