Get your thrills on with foreign mystery series

Mysteries can be thrilling and devastating to watch at times but the overwhelming shock at the very end of it all is satisfying.

Netflix has a variety of mystery thrillers available that are worth your time. Most of the ones I will mention are French, German, Danish or British.


This German mystery thriller is all about past, present and future.

A young man makes a shocking discovery after his friend’s little brother goes missing one night. He finds that for the past three generations, everything (the past the present and the future), has been influencing each other.

Changing the past or future could change the timelines completely and is a risk that characters from the future will try to prevent at all costs. This series is a mind-blower worth watching. The second season of this series is under production.


“Le Chalet”:

This French mystery thriller is a short one, but one that will make you keep an eye on almost everything and everyone.

A group of friends go back to their hometown for a weekend to celebrate the engagement of two friends but before any celebration can start, they become trapped and soon realize that they are in danger. All of the killing that happens connects to a murder that happened years ago in the same small town.

Friends start to get killed off by someone and no one knows who it is. When they find out the truth they have no words to express their shock.


“La Mante”:

Now this mystery, which is also French, is all about trying to catch a copycat by getting the original serial killer to help solve new murders.

The original serial killer is a woman that asks for one special request in return for her help: to have her son, who is now a detective, to be the one that interrogates her and questions her until the killer is caught.

“The Rain”:

This series is Danish and is more of an apocalyptic mystery thriller where the rain has become a danger to everyone. A drop of rain will kill anyone in a matter of seconds, so in order to survive one must hide and avoid any water whose source is unknown.

This series starts off with the end of civilization as rain is pouring down and a father and his family rush into hiding. The father, who is one of the scientists that caused the rain to have a virus and be a danger to the world, leaves his family behind to solve his mistake.

He promised to come back but after six years, his wife dies and with no food and no other options, his kids are forced to go outside for the first time in years. The boy is to be protected by his sister at all costs and she will die before anything happens to him because he seems to be part of the answer to an end to the deadly rain.

These are only a few of the mystery thrillers that Netflix provides to everyone. Some are only a few episodes long making them series that can be finished successfully.