Avengers: Infinity War

From back in May of 2008 when Nick Fury asked Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative, and since the teaser at the end of the first Avengers movie, fans have been waiting and anticipating the end of this universe. But does this supposed end live up to 10 years of hype and build up? Although it wasn’t perfect, the darker themes that were explored in the movie helped distinguish it from other Avengers movies and from the Marvel universe.

“Avengers: Infinity War” stars every character who are still alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, except about two heroes. To prepare people who will go into the movie expecting one character to shine through, this movie will not do that. Instead they opt to continue and entangle the stories of characters who we’ve seen shine through in their own independent movies prior to Infinity War.

But there is a stand out, the Mad Titan Thanos. The weakest link in most of these Marvel movies is it’s villain, with exceptions going to Vulture, Loki and Killmonger. Thanos is a great villain. Yes, he’s big and bad physically, but also he has motivations that are relatable and that you can understand.

And for a Marvel movie, this one’s dark. Of course it has it’s humor, it is Marvel and Disney after all, but in the first 10 minutes, we see how desperate everyone will be in trying to defeat Thanos. And for younger audiences, it introduces some darker themes, such as suicide, or even the dark part of fate and destiny itself.

We bring this up due to the last Thor movie being almost the same idea, end of the world, yet there it was light hearted, while here, there’s still happy and fun times, it’s mostly bleak and desperate. And that’s all I can say it is, it’s a uphill battle, having our heroes fighting desperately to climb.

But even though it hits a lot of spots for a good movie, it isn’t perfect. My biggest flaw with the movie is that death doesn’t seem as big as a consequence as it should be. We’ve had these heroes cheat death multiple times. But here, where it’s supposed to be the end of something, the end of lives doesn’t really make the impact it should.

I find that the deaths in this movie do not have the weight they should, which is odd due to the fact that this is a darker Marvel movie. We’ve explored themes darker than death in this movie, but that doesn’t mean the idea of death should be glanced over like it was, especially during the final act where you can notice this flaw the most.

But even so, I highly recommend it. It’s fun seeing 10 years of heroes come together to fight a common enemy. And it helps a lot for the enemy to be such a good character as well. Infinity War is just a fun time and oddly enough it’s also one of the darker movies in this franchise.